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A 5x7 art postcard, “The GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST,” from Charles Dickens novel, “A Christmas Carol.” This is a print of my original pen and ink illustration. (This size also works as a framed print in a standard 5x7 frame.) I will also have this available as an art print soon.


It pictures the stunned Ebenezer Scrooge in his bed, when the first of the Three Spirits, The Ghost of Christmas Past, comes to visit him.  The handwritten words on a scroll, as if from the book: “Are you the Spirit whose coming was foretold to me?”  “I am.”  “Who, and what are you?” Scrooge demanded.  “I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.”  “Long past?” inquired Scrooge, observant of its dwarfish nature.  “No. Your past.”    


The colors of the printed cards are sepia tone pen and ink, and watercolor. They have the look of old scroll paper. 


This postcard is blank on the back.

GHOST of CHRISTMAS PAST Art Print Postcard Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

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