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About The BARD OWL

the bard owl logo for web page 1.jpg

This is The Bard Owl's Art & Music Website. The Bard Owl is a character logo that I created especially for my art and music website. The “Bard” Owl is a take on the real Barred Owl. He’s a bard, a poet, like Shakespeare!

On this site, I'm combining two great interests in my life: art and music. I've spent a great portion of my life in illustration, for both personal reward and employment. I've illustrated books, and have worked as a graphic artist at screenprinting shops.


I'm currently doing illustration for my husband's guitar teaching business, which is great fun for me. He's an amazing music writer for guitar, and I'll have some of his guitar books and sheet music downloads on this site when they are available. I also play the banjo and hope to produce some illustrated banjo books designed to help beginners learn to play. 

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