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T-Rex Hates Junk Mail is an original illustration for my cartoon series, Fossil Free Town, on an 11x17 Art Print/Poster. Most of us can relate to T-Rex; I hate junk mail too!  T-Rex is a wise old fossil that carps and rants about things that irritate him in the new millennium. The characters in Fossil Free Town are dinosaur fossils (like many of us old fossils) that have very sarcastic things to say about the state of the world!…but there’s also a positive message in the motto, “Fossil Free Forward.” 


The 11x17 poster/print is on quality poster paper, suitable for framing, with or without mat, in a standard 11x17 picture or poster frame (Frame and mat not included. Poster frames are widely available at most department stores.) The print will be shipped in an appropriate sized mailing tube.  Also available on t-shirts.

T-Rex Hates Junk Mail!!! POSTER Fossil Free Town Cartoon Series

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