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Post-Modern Spaghetti Western #1 is from my original comic illustration.


For this one, I did quite a bit of research to find the whereabouts of my fictitious Dunes Bar & Grill, so that I could strategically place the mile sign destinations, and have it be in the desert and on or near Route 66. That desert is the Mojave, and my Bar & Grill is near Kelso Dunes, which is near the stretch of Route 66 that is now I-40. So I got on Google Maps (how convenient!) and found that Barstow would be 80 miles away; but if you were to turn around and go back to St Louis, it would be 1,713 miles; San Bernardino, 149 miles; Santa Monica, 209 miles; and just so you know should you stop at The Dunes Bar & Grill, it would be too late to get gas (UNLESS YOU EAT THERE!). Blondie and Tuco, the burro and desert tortoise, make an appearance from the spaghetti western, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.


The song in the video is called “Windy and Warm,” by the late, great John D. Loudermilk, and popularized by Chet Atkins’ 1961 recording. I challenged myself to play it on my banjo.


I made this print with a white border so that you can either place it in an 8x10 picture frame without mat, or an 8.5x11 or larger picture frame, using your mat. (Shown with frame, not included).


For 8x10 frames, just place the glass around the image and draw a pencil line, then cut that line. If you want to place in 8.5x11 frame, there would be plenty of room for a mat.


The print is on quality poster paper, suitable for framing, with or without mat, in a standard picture or poster frame. (Frame and mat not included. Picture frames are widely available at most department stores.) The print will be shipped in an appropriate sized mailing tube.


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