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The Bard Owl

- Art Prints - Art Postcards 
- T-Shirts & Screenprinted Wearables  
- Funky Outsider Art - Wildflower Art
- Musician Portraits  - Cartoon Art 
- Ghost Town Art - Owl & Crow Art 
- Nature & Music Inspired Art 
- Illustrated Books 
- Ghosts of Christmas Art 
- Guitar & Banjo Sheet Music/Tab
See my YouTube videos featuring my art and banjo music here: 

“We’re OWL In This Together” greeting of togetherness, in solidarity for these trying times we live in. The delightful Bard Owl, a character I created, along with his many owl friends, deliver a message of hope.
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Musician Portraits by The Bard Owl
In recent years, my art has been devoted to a lot of music-related themes. I became interested in doing musician portraits of rock, pop, folk and blues icons, which you can find in my shop. I'll be adding more, as I continue on this art journey.

Pink to Orange Gradient

Postcard Art by
The Bard Owl

Wildflowers, nature and music-themed large postcards that can also serve as 5x7 framable art prints!

We're Owl In This Together 4x6 postcard 2.jpg
Marley’s Ghost, from a set of all four ghosts of Christmas from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Ebay Etsy Wildflowers 5x7 postcard 1.jpg
Ebay Etsy Owl'd Timers Radio Show 5x7 postcard 1.jpg
Crow Painting for Postcards 5x7 2.jpg
The California Poppy for POSTCARDS 3 5x7.jpg
Wildflower party postcard 5x7.jpg

Funky Outsider Art by The Bard Owl
Looking for something different? UFO Barn Crash landing? Or the Fashionably Bored vulture relatives? The newest additions are cartoons from my series, Fossil Free Town, featuring very
sarcastic dinosaur fossils! Available on
art prints and t-shirts. And a new comic series I call Post-Modern Spaghetti Western.

Guitar & Banjo Sheet Music / TAB
Here you'll find original arrangements for GUITAR & BANJO music, both in single sheet downloads as well as books you can order. These haven't been added to our store yet, but you can read about upcoming offerings on this tab. Dale Morgan’s GATOR BOOGIE GUITAR RIFFS BOOK on a t-shirt is available pre-press!

Gator Boogie t-shirt in royal 5.jpg
Gator Boogie mockup for book 2.jpg

Bodie, California -Ghost Town
Art Prints

One of my obsessions, and probably yours too. I hope to live long enough to do a book of artwork devoted to Bodie, the famous Gold Rush town in California, now a Ghost Town kept in "arrested decay." 


Various t-shirt designs for adult and youth sizes, like the banjo-playing Bonnie & Clyde for adults, and "American Wildflowers" for kids! American Wildflowers is also printed on totebags.


T-Shirt Art
by The Bard Owl


Rocky Mountain Columbine tank top for web.jpg
Bristlecone t-shirt for website 3.jpg
American Wildflowers little girls 3G cropped 2D.jpg

Wildflower Art on postcards, framable wall art prints, and screen-printed t-shirts and totebags.

American Wildflowers little girls 3G cropped 2D.jpg
Etsy Ebay Rocky Mountain Columbine frame
The California Poppy for POSTCARDS 3 5x7.jpg
You Belong Among The Wildflowers cropped 2.jpg
Etsy Ebay Wildflower Party framed 2.jpg
Ebay Etsy Wildflowers 5x7 postcard 1.jpg


CD's, Guitar Music Books, T-Shirts & Art Prints from guitar teacher, musician and singer-songwriter Dale Morgan!(You can find his website by clicking on above underlined text. For items in my store, click on yellow icon.)

The Honest Earth 8x10 4 trimmed for frame.jpg
Etsy Ebay MR. BLUES framed.jpg
Gator Boogie t-shirt in royal 5.jpg
dale morgan FEEL LIKE LIFE CD COVER resize.jpg
Bob Dylan Song Nite 3 for website.jpg
Dylan Song Nite black t-shirt.jpg

Historic Native American portraits on framable wall art prints.

Native American Indian Portraits

Art Books - You may enjoy Ruth's Story, The Illustrated Written Memories of my Mother about the Dust Storms, Drought, and growing up during the Depression in Nora and Ruskin, Nebraska. Part 2 will be published soon.

Ruth's Story finished book 6.jpg

Illustrated Books

Nature & Music Inspired Art

Here you'll find art prints inspired by the wonders of nature, often accompanied with music lyrics and poetry. The Bristlecone Pine is the oldest known living thing on earth, some of them dating to 4,600 years old.

Etsy Ebay Bristlecone 8x10 3CC.jpg
Bristlecone t-shirt for website 3.jpg
Broken Wing inspirational bird Art Print, for all the voiceless people and animals in the world.


A cartoon series. The characters in Fossil Free Town are dinosaur fossils (like many of us old fossils) that have very sarcastic things to say about the state of the world in the new millennium!…but there’s also a positive message in the motto, “Fossil Free Forward.”

Fossil Free Town T-Rex hates junk mail for t-shirts 2.jpg
A fictional town called “Embrace It.” Meant to celebrate our old age (if you’re there already, embrace it; if you’re headed there, party on up). Inspired by a local band of musicians that lives and parties in the mountains; from my comic book series, “Fossil-Free Town.”

A town called EMBRACE IT
(old age)

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